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Barbecue net can be divided into: circular BBQ mesh, round flat barbecue wire mesh, round concave barbecue net, square plane BBQ mesh, barbecue wire mesh, square indentation with handle barbecue net (also known as the grill), with no handle BBQ barbecue net, punching net, European and American barbecue net, Korean barbecue wire mesh, stainless steel barbecue nets.
Barbecue net material: high quality stainless steel wire, change wire drawing, galvanized tin plate.
Barbecue net production and features: with high quality wire, welding, surface treatment can choose enamel, not sticky, chrome plating, nickel plating, zinc plating, imitation gold, etc. Network good package edge after cutting into (stamping and welding while), there are round, square, rectangle. The product has low cost, high temperature resistant, deformation, avirulent insipidity, easy to use. My company mainly produces all kinds of barbecue nets.





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